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A photographic inventory is the most important document next to your contract when it comes to re...

A photographic inventory is the most important document next to your contract when it comes to renting out your property! Regardless of how great you think the tenants might be or how immaculate the property is when they first enter, there will always be something that you will want to double check at the end of the tenancy.

At Belvoir we ensure that a full photographic inventory is carried out before a tenant moves into any property. Not only does it help us as agents, it also covers the landlord and tenant in case of any issues that may arise towards the check out. The inventory can take you from the basics such as the colour and condition of the walls, condition of electrical appliances and even to the extremes of where to find the tea and sugar in some cases!

Let’s say for example you visit to do the check out at the end of the tenancy and you find a large stain on your beautiful cream carpet. If you have no inventory, no dated pictures to show that the carpet was pristine upon check in, you have already lost the battle. Unfortunately if you are unable to prove the condition of the property at the start, you will struggle to get any money back from the deposit to rectify these issues. A signed inventory, dated images and regular property visits are the best way to make sure your property has the chance to stay in great shape and any issues can hopefully be resolved...

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