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How to prepare your house for sale: tip #2

How to prepare your house for sale

Free pre-marketing advice from our in-house expert.

I hope you enjoyed reading my tip #1 on decluttering your home before marketing it for sale. Here is tip #2 to help you maximise your property's potential and to get the highest price and the quickest sale.


When buyers visit homes, they are considering if they could live in that home. As lovely as your family members are, family photographs all over walls make it harder for buyers to view the house. They will feel like they are visiting your family, rather than feeling free to really explore the home. The same applies to awards, medals and certificates on walls; they may make a room look too personal.

My tip is to pack away all family photos or awards/certificates hanging on walls. Box them up safely ready to be displayed proudly in your next home.

Here's another thought. Family photos on walls will get photographed and would you really want every Rightmove, Zoopla or On the Market viewer zooming in on your photos? I know for privacy, I wouldn't want strangers to have photos of my children from the internet! It's best to pack those away before photographs are taken.

My most cringeworthy ones are lovey-dovey wedding portraits hanging in Master Bedrooms. The modern ones are rather artistic but anyone who's been married 16 years like me may have rather cheesy ones! A Master Bedroom is a very important room in a house and buyers will be looking to see if they can make it their own. Help them by de-personalising the room! Personally, I have even cleared all my make-up and toiletries from my dressing table because buyers don't need to know what brands I use! The space will look tidier and the buyers won't feel like they're intruding.

Finally just a tip for the bathroom. I would clear all the toiletries from the surfaces and store them neatly in an undersink cupboard or vanity cupboard BEFORE marketing photos are taken and BEFORE viewers turn up at the house. When your house is advertised for sale, those toiletry brands aren't paying you commissions to advertise their brands! Make it less personal by storing your toiletries away. 

Look out for my next tip next week. If you’d like to discuss how to prepare your home, just ring me on 01782 478444. Our office covers these postcodes: ST1, ST2, ST3, ST6, ST8, ST9 and ST13. I’d be happy to come round to do an appraisal.

Ramona Hirschi
Managing Director
Belvoir Stoke on Trent
Estate & Letting Agents
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