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How To Make Your Rented House Feel Like Home

It's important that you view the house you live in as a home and not a 12 month contract - someth...

It’s important that you view the house you live in as a home and not a 12 month contract – something that many renters admit to doing. Whether you’re a long time renter or just planning to live there for the duration of your initial contract – there is no reason why you shouldn’t treat it exactly the same as you would with a house you own.  

Of course there are certain things you can’t do whilst renting a house, but if you speak to your landlord, there is often lots of things you can do.

As a leading letting specialist, providing flats to rent in Sutton Coldfield, we have picked up a few tips and tricks along the years. Here are just some of the potential ways in which you can make your rental property feel like home sweet home.

Make Friends With Your Neighbours

Many people don’t see the point in making friends with the neighbours, especially if they aren’t planning on staying in a property for years. We think that it doesn’t matter how long you are planning on sticking around; making friends with your neighbours can definitely make you feel more at home. Why not make your stay a fun one?

Paint/Decorate The Way You Want

You will have to seek your landlords’ permission before making any major changes in their house, but you will probably find that most are happy for you to paint and decorate the house exactly as you please. Many might just ask for you to return it to how it was when you leave.

Decorating it the way that you want will definitely make it feel more like it belongs to you – no one wants to sit and stare at white walls for a whole year!

Buy Your Own Light Fixtures

Homes that are being rented out are usually just fitted with the most basic of stuff, especially when it comes to light fixtures. It might not seem like a massive change, but by investing in some colourful and stylish light fixtures, you can really change the look of your home and make it more personalised.

 Invest in Some Stylish Rugs

Stuck with horrible flooring or a carpet that you don’t like? Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can change when renting a property – but you can hide it! Spend some money on buying stylish and modern rugs that fit in with your idea of the decor.  These will cover the floors that you don’t like, whilst making sure you aren’t breaking any rules!


If you’re looking to rent a home in the Sutton Coldfield area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have an experienced and professional team who will be more than happy to help you out.

Just give us a call on 0121 321 3388 and a member of the team will be happy to make an appointment.

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