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House hunting tips for students in Sheffield!

As Sheffield's leading letting agency since 2006 we pride ourselves here at Belvoir! Sheffield on being experts on the Sheffield property market.

As Sheffields leading letting agency since 2006 we pride ourselves here at Belvoir! Sheffield on being experts on the Sheffield property market. And with Sheffield having such a large student population we know a hell of a lot about Student property in Sheffield and have lots to offer. Whether you are new to the city or returning for your second or third year, we can help you.

The NUS recently published a helpful list to help you when house hunting, a list that we can tailor very precisely to the Sheffield property market and what you are looking for during your time here in Sheffield.

1. Don’t feel the need to rush. But be aware that property can be available for you to secure early on in the previous year so start looking as early as possible in order to get the best available, it will simply give you more choice.

2. View the house where possible and try to speak to the current housemates.

3. Always make sure that you’ve had the time to make a considered decision and a chance to discuss it properly with everyone you’re going to live with before entering into a contract and agreeing on a property. But be organised so that you can all view the property together and as soon as possible.

4. Read your contract thoroughly and if possible, get it checked by your students’ union or institution. Here at Belvoir! Sheffield we can help and advise you on the full rental process and run through the contract process and documentation with you.

5. Find out if the contract is going to be joint with other tenants. If it is, this means that you’re all both jointly and individually responsible for the rent. Again, here at Belvoir! Sheffield we work with all tenants to ensure everything is clear and you can make a clear decision.

6. It’s not just the rent level you need to think about to make a budget. You can ask us to provide the Energy Certificate and ask about any other running costs as far as can be ascertained. Consider whether the property is located and how that will fit with your needs - many of the vibrant Sheffield Student houses are close to the night life as well as both Sheffield universities and are on busy bus or tram routes.

7. You may find putting together a budget with different rent levels to see how much disposable income you’ll be left with useful. The NUS Student Calculator [link:
website lets you add up all your income (e.g. student loan, wages) and subtract your expenditure (e.g. rent, bills, food) to work out what you’ll have left each month. Its handy for you to do this before hand.

8. Remember, safety first! We will provide you with all the documentation you may want to see and feel free to ask if you haven’t seen something that you would like to, such as the Gas Safety Certificate, and find out if the property will be fitted with a smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide detector, etc.

One additional point that we will mention, is to speak to us at Belvoir! Sheffield first and as early as possible. We can help to find you exactly what you are looking for and the property that fits with your lifestyle whilst a student here in Sheffield.

Belvoir! Sheffield is the one stop specialist for Sales and Residential Lettings and Property Management, Investment and Wealth Management Advice, Fit-outs and Renovations, Property Insurances and Mortgages. Belvoir! Sheffield was the winner of the Belvoir Franchise of the Year Award for 2013 and is a multi award winning agency.

For more information please visit Belvoir! Sheffield or call 0114 331 0033. Alternatively, please email rick@belvoirsheffield.com

For the most uptodate information relevant to landlords, vendors, and buyers of owner occupied and But to let property in Sheffield ensure you follow Belvoir! Sheffield on either Facebook Twitter or visit our website at http://www.belvoir.co.uk/landlord-information or for selling http://www.belvoir.co.uk/property-sales-sheffield-p4147

REF: http://www.nus.org.uk/en/advice/housing-advice/house-hunting-tips/

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