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I often meet investors that are purchasing properties based on a the advise of a national investm...

I often meet investors that are purchasing properties based on a the advise of a national investment forum or on the valuations of the vendors agent.

Some of you reading this will already be wincing - but its an easy mistake to make when you are trying to establish the best areas to invest whilst also weighing up the pro's and con's of your particular property short list, trusting what you believe to be both sound and unbiased opinions.

However basing a property investment on the information of national advise/statistics of a property forum can be a risky strategy and often the conflict of interests between yourself a vendors agent can also have a negative bearing on the true rental potential of a good investment opportunity.

Add this to the fact that during a viewing our minds will also be heavily concerned by the potential for major expenses, such as the fabric of the building, roofs and what refurbishments we might think necessary to best present the property to a potential tenant. 

My offer to you is simply to be your second pair of eyes. I will be in the preferential position of neither being financially or emotionally involved in the purchase, but with the added benefit of viewing a property in the eyes of a potential tenant and with substantial knowledge of the market and the location of the property. 

So if you are planning to view a potential investment property why not give me a call - I will happily meet you at the property, give you advise, together with an insight of the surrounding area and details of the likely interested parties the property will attract.

Once purchased I can also give you the best advise on how to target your preferred type of tenancy and to how get the best return out of your investment.

Sound good...? If so give me a call... 0115 985 9259 

Lloyd Rumbold - Director of Belvoir's Nottingham West & Central 

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