Get your Garden Sale Ready

Get your Garden Sale Ready with Belvoir!

Get your Garden Sale Ready

Here are Belvoir Bromley’s tips to get your garden SALE READY!

A garden can be a major determining factor when it comes to buying or renting a home. Apart from large changes such as landscaping and decking its difficult to know what small and affordable things can make an impact on your outdoor areas


Clean, Clean, CLEAN

Dirty tiles, dead leaves, and cobwebs can be quite off-putting, but this can be easily remedied. A great option could be a jet wash which can be a quick solution to getting a squeaky clean garden. Jet wash machines can range in price and if you’re on a budget it could be easier to get a soapy bucket of water, an outdoor broom and some elbow grease.


Let there be light!

Having round the clock use of your garden is lovely especially on a hot day and a cool evening. The addition of some warm lighting really adds something special to any garden. Solar panelled outdoor lights can be purchased at most garden centres and require little effort to install. You just poke them into the ground and let them work their magic. You can also try lanterns with candles, or glass jars with battery operated fairy lights. Hung fairy light or strings of lightbulbs can also accentuate the garden.


Out with the weeds

Weeds can be an eyesore in a garden full of beautiful flowers and it can be an easy option to spray them with weed killer and yank them out. But weed killer and other pesticides can be very harmful to plant life and have lasting effects on your garden. If you want to prevent and get rid of weeds natural remedies such as salt and vinegar will do the trick.

Potted plants for the win

Whether you have an acre of land or a porch, potted plants are always a sweet addition to the appearance of a garden. Not all people are plant people however and it may not be easy to keep all plants alive. Plants species that are lower maintenance such as succulents are easy to look after as well as looking nice. If you want a pop of colour perennials such as lavender, forget-me-nots, bergenia, and periwinkle are stunning, they leave little room for weeds.


Accessories and garden features are also a fun way to add character to the garden. DIY water features, bird feeders, and sporadically placed mirrors can make an additional element to a beautiful garden.

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