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Get Your Deposit Back With This Handy Cheat Sheet!

There's no reason that moving out of a rented flat should become time for a tussle with your land...

There’s no reason that moving out of a rented flat should become time for a tussle with your landlord over whether or not you should be getting all of your deposit back: follow this list of tips and guidelines and we’ll help you get it back without a fight.

When You Move In:

If you’re lucky enough to be looking at this list when you’re first moving in to a new property, then there are a few things that you can do to help yourself out before you start messing the place up with the very act of living. These include

  • Taking pictures (with a timestamp!) of any existing damage so that these can’t be blamed on you at a later date.
  • Filling out the inventory correctly and fairly, taking any existing problems into account. A landlord may not always observe existing marks or scuffed, but if they mark something down ‘as new’ when it’s actually stained then it could be you paying the price at a later date.

During Your Stay:

Now you can get down to the business of actually occupying your new rental property… and don’t worry, nobody expects you to live without leaving a single impression on your home. In fact, that’s an important point to remember – UK law ensures that tenants can’t have their deposits reduced for fair wear and tear which doesn’t reduce the expected lifespan of an item. So, while for a huge stain the costs will be on you, for a carpet that just doesn’t look so fresh anymore there’s nothing to worry about.

That said, you are responsible for maintaining a certain level of cleanliness, and any damage which comes about as a result of skimping on the vacuuming will be your responsibility! So, cover your back by making sure that you clean regularly, and by looking at your contract carefully – there may be specific instructions, such as cleaning the windows, which you’ll need to follow.

Before You Move Out:

When you’re about to move out the real work begins, as this is when you need to ensure that the home looks just as it did when you moved in – with accommodations being made for fair wear and tear as mentioned above. Here are some things to think about…

  • Have you changed any curtains, light shades or other features? If so, you’ll probably be expected to replace them with the originals.
  • Check obvious things such as the carpet (which you may need to have steam cleaned) and sticky marks on the walls (which you may want to paint over), but also look for hidden stains and cracks that you can improve before your landlord hunts them out.
  • If you know you’ve messed something up, be upfront about it and get it fixed. If you sort it out yourself, you might save money in the long run, as you can determine how expensively the job is done.

We hope this handy cheat sheet helps you out when you’re letting a property in Sutton Coldfield or across the country, and if you’re still looking for the perfect property then don’t forget that we can help you out! Get in touch today, online or at 0121 321 3388, to discuss the options.

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