Footballs Coming Home: A Guide to a World Cup Garden Party

With the end of the World Cup near and England still in with a chance of winning, there’s every reason to host your own World Cup garden party!

Here’s our guide...

Dress it up

The world has gone football mad, and World Cup fever has properly taken hold of the nation. Decorate your home in world cup fashion, put up flag banners, bunting and large flags in your garden to get your guests well and truly in the spirit. You could even think about a dress code, such as fancy dress, this will create a fun atmosphere for everyone to get involved with. You can’t have a party without music… create the ultimate World Cup playlist!

Get it on the big screen

As much as everyone will turn up for the party, don’t forget the main event! Create the perfect watch zone- bring the TV outside (weather permitted), set out comfy seats, create shelter in case of the weather and most importantly have your drinks chilled at the ready.

Half time snacks

Watching the game is an intense experience and can build up an appetite. No party is complete without a good spread of food, a BBQ is great if the sun is shining or a simple buffet is sure to go down a treat. If you are hosting for lots of guests, ask them to bring a dish or two- everyone loves team work!

Garden games

You want to keep the excitement levels up during half time, so why not create some garden games. You could have your own penalty shootout, get out the table football or create your own football themed quiz.

Whether you are new homeowners/tenants getting to know your new neighbours, or simply just family and friends having a get together- the World Cup is a great spectacle for everyone to get involved with, so enjoy the moment!

Image Credit: Photo By Fauzan Saari on Unsplash 

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