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Finding the Right Property to buy in Sheffield!

Finding the Right Property to buy in Sheffield!

Welcome to my blog, Rumbles Blog. The blog of probably the most knowledgable English Bulldog you will ever meet!

So this week I've been wondering how to actually go about finding the right property in buy in Sheffield. 

Is it really as simply as everybody tells me, that you just have to look on Rightmove or Zoopla and thats it.

Well, no not really, looking on those sites is certainly part of the house hunting process but if you are serious about finding the right pad for you in the right part of Sheffield then you need to do more.

To start with you need to really get to grip with what you are looking for. What exactly you want out of a house and its location.  Take a look at some of my previous blogs to help you decide which part of Sheffield is right for you, I've investigated lots of them from living in Sheffield City Centre to Kelham Island and Hillsborough. 

Then you need to match the areas in Sheffield in which you would like to live to the type of house or flat that is right you and your lifestyle. Do you want a garden, how many rooms do you need, etc. How many of these things are essential, which ones are desirable, and so on.

Rather then then just looking on the large portal websites you need to get in touch with the local agents. Agents are local property experts and know the local area, its there job and they spend everyday involved in the local property market. 

Obviously some are more friendly and helpful than others. At Belvoir! Sheffield we encourage you to make contact with us as soon as possible in your house search. We can help and advise you from the very earliest stage. You can register your details with us and we will keep you informed straight away as soon as suitable properties come onto the market.

So the message is understand what you want to buy and where you want to buy it. Having said that, also let the experts help and advise you. Too many times do we see people dead set on buying in a certain area of Sheffield only to end up falling in love with a different type of property or a different part of Sheffield. And listen to the experts, use their knowledge, and let Belvoir! Sheffield help you to find your next house or flat in Sheffield! 

Don't forget to make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter as I've got lots more Sheffield property help and advise coming out of my paws over the coming weeks, as well as guidance on what to do and what to get up to in Sheffield, a great place to live!

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