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Fastest and Slowest Areas for Sales in York

In order to give you an insight into the fastest and slowest areas for selling property in York, we've put together an easily digestible table.

This article makes use of the latest data from Property Solvers (house buying firm) which covers May 2018 to May 2019.

The data used tracks properties from the moment they're listed on RightMove and follows the process until the property is marked as sold at HM Land Registry. 

Average price change considers the fact that in many cases, properties don't sell for the price that they are advertised at. The data used therefore focuses on the difference between the advertised price, and the price of the final sale. 

Key findings are as follows: 
Quickest Area of Sale - YO1 (8 weeks) - The data here is biased however, as only one property sold between May 2018 and 2019 in this area.
Second Quickest Area of Sale - YO30 and YO31 (15 weeks) - These two areas slightly edged neighbouring areas in York and taking into consideration the fact that YO1 data only accounted for one home, it can be assumed that the data shown here is more reliable.
Slowest Area of Sale - YO19 (19 weeks) - This is unsurprising as out of all the post codes analysed, this is the area that is furthest from the city centre and therefore may be less appealing to people searching for property in York.  
Smallest Average Price Change - This is once again YO1 (-£3500) but is biased based on the fact that the data only accounts for one property. In terms of reliable data, YO10 is the area that has the smallest average price change comparing the asking price to the sale price achieved. 
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