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Dripping wet!

Below is a recent account written buy one of our very own Multi-property Landlords - after suffer...

Below is a recent account written buy one of our very own Multi-property Landlords - after suffering a leak in one of their tenanted properties.

Most people view insurance as a necessary evil and the choice of cover on popular comparison web sites is indeed phenomenal - for what can often appear to be like-for-like cover.

Many people choose their cover by cost comparison or by opting to pick a policy underwritten by a recognisable broker. However how do you truly know just how good the cover is until you need it most...?

I am a Landlord with 6 properties which are all let and managed by Belvoir.

I take Belvoir insurance on each one, both Rent & Legal and Buildings & Contents. Although not the cheapest policies on offer, I find they give a high level of cover. I believe that it is false economy to take a cheap policy on this very valuable asset, my property.

One of my properties is a modern 3 storey town house, which I let furnished.

Last July the tenants reported that the WC in the top floor had sprung a leak. The leak occurred at night and was not noticed until the morning. By the time it was noticed, all the carpets were soaked, the walls were soaked, the ceilings were soaked, and the water fell through the stairwell and accumulated in the kitchen. Here the water soaked into the base of the kitchen units.

The tenants had to be temporarily relocated and were moved into hotel. 

The Insurers allocated me a claims handler and a loss adjuster. I met the loss adjuster at the property. He then made a comprehensive report of the property condition and made arrangements to engage contractors.

Carpets were uplifted and removed the fitted kitchen (which suffered damage sufficient to require replacement).  They engaged contractors to dry the property using dehumidifiers. Following which they replastered walls and ceilings as appropriate. They installed a new fitted kitchen.  Finally they redecorated throughout.

Luckily the tenants were thinking of moving so Belvoir was able to terminate the tenancy by mutual consent.

The insurance company paid for

The tenants hotel bills for 1 month. The loss of rent amounting to 6 months rent The whole cost of uplifting carpets, drying, replastering and redecorating Electricity costs for dehumidifiers

The insurance company initially said that the cost of carpets was not included with the buildings cover, but found the contents cover would pay for recarpeting.

There was a £100 excess.

So I was very pleased with the service from the insurance company, who did a good job in reinstating the property and compensating me for the use of electricity and loss of rent.


I would have no hesitation in recommending the Belvoir insurance from Endsleigh.

Should any landlords reading this review either require cover or be close to their renewal  - Please do give us a call and we will put you directly in touch with our Endsleigh representitive. 

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