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Don't dismiss a property until you see it in person!

A great tip if you are house searching in Sheffield is to not dismiss a property before you see it in person!

A great tip if you are house searching in Sheffield is to not dismiss a property before you see it in person!

Yes, you have your property search parameters, describing the house that you are looking for, so you will naturally draw up a list of properties available on the market that match your criteria. Then, it is natural for you to select the properties that look best online or in the estate agents window to view, however, ensure that you do not dismiss properties that don’t particularly look the best match.

Viewing a property in the flesh can often surprise you and also helps you to see things that you simply can’t without viewing the property itself. This process also helps you to see things that you may not have thought of before, and realising that they are important or not as important to your property search as you thought.

The potential of properties can also be seen more in the flesh - a property that has great potential for refurbishment or future development can be found, likewise, the location of a property can only really be understood when you have actually visited it.

Give yourself time to make any decision. The housing market in Sheffield may be active, but there is usually time to shop around to a degree, giving you chance to view several properties. Although when you find a property that you want, make your move quickly.

Why not start your search by having a look through all the properties currently available with Belvoir! Sheffield here.

Belvoir! Sheffield is the one stop specialist for Sales and Residential Lettings and Property Management, Investment and Wealth Management Advice, Fit-outs and Renovations, Property Insurances and Mortgages. Belvoir! Sheffield was the winner of the Belvoir Franchise of the Year Award for 2013 and is a multi award winning agency.

For more information, please visit Belvoir! Sheffield or call 0114 331 0033. Alternatively, please email rick@belvoirsheffield.co.uk

For the most up to date information relevant to landlords, vendors, and buyers of owner occupied and Buy to let property in Sheffieldensure you follow Belvoir! Sheffield on either Google+FacebookTwitter or visit our website for property lettings  or property sales.

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