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Decorating Tips For Tenants

When moving into a rented property, house or flat, it can be confusing as to how and if you can r...

When moving into a rented property, house or flat, it can be confusing as to how and if you can redecorate the spaces. Most tenancy agreements either discourage it or ask for permission to be sought.

We all want a home that feels like it is ours – so here are our best tips to help make your (rented) house a home;

 1. Hang curtains to spruce up walls. These can be as vibrant as you like! As long as you use either existing fittings or gain permission for new ones. You can go bold and colourful with standard block or pattern it up!

2. Add flowers wherever you can, in every room!

Fresh cut or plants for windowsills:

3. We have a chalkboard shopping list in our house – the kids love it and its wipe clean. You can paint any size picture frame – and encourage kids to draw on that….instead of walls(!)

4. Cupboard/Drawer handles: You have moved into a property with a dated Kitchen…. nope the landlord is highly unlikely to replace it. An easy solution is to replace the handles (keeping the old ones tucked away in a drawer). These can cost pennies off ebay and make such a difference and so simple. We love these ones from Notonthehighstreet: 

5. Room dividers!

Love this one (from furniture in fashion).

These can be such a versatile furniture item – instant dressing room in the bedroom, to hiding away your home office space in the Lounge.

Large ones for large rooms, down to half pint size to cover up kids toys.

6. Invest in your own floor lighting, there are hundreds of designs – but for living areas we really like big, bold statements.

7. Need storage…but daren’t drill holes for shelves? Try choosing storage that also looks pretty to look at – old fashioned trunks can look awesome and hide linen easily.

8. Home feels like home with soft furnishings – rugs and cushions (matching colours) can create a colour scheme instead of painting walls…..even your crockery and glassware can get in on the act! 

9. Mirrors…Mirrors….and more Mirrors! These are a fantastic way to enhance a room, they can trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is. This can help in smaller apartments or the smaller rooms of a house (like cloakrooms).

10. Lastly, Colour Pop!

We really like this idea - colourful pops to make your room stand out from the crowd! We found this one at 

If you cannot paint a feature wall in a room paint a feature item of furniture! If you want a bright pop of colour, pick a tester pot up and go wild! 

If you are currently in tenancy and have any queries, feel free to email us ipswich@belvoir.co.uk




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