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Why Catchment Areas are Important for Landlords and Tenants

Owning a property in a highly desired catchment area means we can find you a great tenant at a competitive price, matched with outstanding service.

An extremely important consideration for families when buying or renting a property is the catchment area. In short, catchment areas are defined boundaries whichnare associated with a school. If you buy or rent a house in one of these areas, then your children will receive priority

over other applications from people living outside the demarcations.

At the beginning of March, thousands of parents across the country found out which primary or secondary school had offered a place for their child. Many will have got a place a place at their first choice school, however others will not.

Last year, the proportion of pupils getting a place at their first choice of school across the country remained at 83.5 per cent of first choice applications resulting in an offer and 94.6 per cent of parents received an offer from one of their top three preferences. According to Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, “Since 2010, the government has created 735,000 new school places across the country. We will continue to build on this by investing £5.8billion to create even more good school places, because we are determined to give parents choice when it comes to their children’s education.”

Figures pulled from www.schoolguide.co.uk show that the following schools have been voted as the ‘Top 5’ in Mansfield.

Top 5 Secondary Schools in Mansfield;

  • The Brunts Academy
  • Garibaldi College
  • All Saints Catholic Voluntary Academy 
  • The Joseph Whitaker School
  • Ashfield Comprehensive School 

Top 5 Primary Schools in Mansfield;

  • Heatherley Primary School
  • High Oakham Primary School
  • The Flying High Academy
  • Abbey Primary School
  • St Philip Neri With St Bede Catholic Voluntary Academy


You can view a full league table of all Primary and Secondary schools in Mansfield and surrounding areas here.

How Belvoir Can Help

Despite the promising figures of getting your children into your first-choice school, there is also the possibility of not being accepted into your preferred school because of reasons such as living in the catchment area for a different school.  Belvoir are able to offer assistance to both Landlords and Tenants when it comes to all things catchment area related!



Do you have a property that falls within the catchment area of a school that is in high demand, for example any of the school listed above?

Due to the demand and the fantastic area your home is situated, Belvoir will be able to get a great tenant at a competitive price matched with outstanding service. 



 If you’re a tenant and you want to relocate to the catchment area of your first choice primary or secondary school, we can help you out!


Firstly, look at the catchment area that you need to be in, in order to be granted a place at your preferred school, you can do that here. You can then take a look at the many amazing properties that we have to offer that are situated in a variety of excellent catchment areas

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