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Can Landlords take the risk of not providing a professional Inventory for a tenancy?

I often help Landlords find tenants for their property - with the Landlord managing the actual te...

I often help Landlords find tenants for their property – with the Landlord managing the actual tenancy themselves. It seems to be an increasing trend in Ipswich, with most Landlords having a single investment property – they manage the tenancy themselves.

Some of these Landlords choose to carry out their own Inventory – however this can be overly basic. With Inventory preparation the best information comes from experience. From being at many vacating appointments with tenants and knowing what to look for.

A good Inventory should be thorough. Suggested inclusions are;

  • A thorough list of fixtures and fittings
  • A detailed review of the condition of these items
  • A detailed review of the cleanliness of these items
  • The Inventory should be dated
  • Meter readings and number of keys given to the tenant
  • Photographs (embedded where possible)
  • Signed by the ingoing tenant to agree with the Inventory

When I ask a Landlord if they would like me to include their Inventory in our Move-In appointment process and they pass me a single A4 sheet of paper…. Well you can imagine the look on my face. Our Inventories, on average for a three bedroom home, are 18 pages….before photographs!

Then we have Landlords who choose to not carry out an Inventory at all. This is one of the most frustrating part of my job. This Landlord will not be protected. They are setting themselves up for a fall – and this could prove to be a very expensive mistake. The point of an Inventory is to be a clear line in the sand, protecting both Landlord and Tenant. This is not to over exaggerate our works, this is to highlight areas we know may come up throughout the tenancy – or will be argued at the end of the tenancy.

For landlords whom elect to not have an Inventory completed or even not to prepare one themselves, they really are leaving themselves wide open to any damages caused to the property by the tenants. As any tenants with even the smallest amount of knowledge will know that the landlord has not protected themselves against any damages (even wilful neglect) that they have caused and will be more than happy for the case to be sent to arbitration, knowing that it is more than likely that the disputed amount will be awarded in their favour.

Belvoir Ipswich always encourage landlords to have one of our very professional and very thorough inventories. We offer this as standard within our Management Service – we also offer a stand-alone Inventory for Landlords looking to manage their own tenancy.

For more information, please call Emma or Lee on 01473 212323 or via email ipswich@belvoir.co.uk

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