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Buy To Let Investment - 2 Bed Flat in Dundee. 7.53% Gross Yield

Buy To Let Investment - 2 Bed Flat in Dundee. 7.53% Gross Yield

 This is an attractive, renovated flat in a reasonable area https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/40787018?search_identifier=90eb68f33e40eab85bf0409f29cf9ec4#YYBm3MBvkjmA0CCF.97.

It’s being marketed by our colleagues at McKewan Fraser Legal at £65,000.

The main appeal for me in this is what looks like a pretty good modernisation of the property to a good standard. If I had one concern its that the windows look to be ‘old style’ to me so may need looking at.

Now I haven’t seen the block or the communal area to the rear, the EPC is a D and the flat itself looks to be in good order and also a pretty good size with two double bedrooms although I accept the second one isn’t massive. The combined lounge kitchen is very modern and fresh looking.

It does have commercial properties on the ground floor which can affect how mortgage companies view it to please check.

Capital appreciation running at 19.72% over the preceding 5 years. I would estimate the rent at, conservatively, £445 per month, which is a gross rental return of 7.53%. Certainly one that I think is worth a closer look.

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