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Buy a new property or buy an older property?

When looking to buy a property you consider the type of property you want to live in and that best suits your lifestyle and requirements.

When looking to buy a property you consider the type of property you want to live in and that best suits your lifestyle and requirements, ie, semi detached, detached, townhouse, flat, etc, you also consider the area in which you would like to live - for example in Sheffield you have various suburbs around the city and the city centre each with its own individual character and ‘feel’. However, should you buy a new or an older property?

Well, you may be limited in the age of a property given its area - for example in Sheffield city centre you will find many more newer flat developments than you will older housing. However if you move out of the city centre into the suburbs a little more, there is more older housing available, such as the terraced and semi detached around say, Crookes, Hillsborough, Woodseats, and so on. Having said that dotted amongst this will be newer properties and small developments providing new housing options, from flats to townhouses and larger detached homes.

Should you buy old or new? Well really, each house needs to be taken on its own merits as many house hunters who have set their sites on a specific house type can find themselves surprised when they put in an offer on a much newer home that doesn’t quite fit the type of house that they had in mind initially.

As a general rule older houses often tend to be more generous with space, both inside with higher ceilings, larger rooms, etc, as well as on the outside with larger gardens and plots. They can also often provide the new owner with more scope for development and refurbishment in the future, whereas a newer property may have smaller proportions and be limited for future development.

However, these are just generalised guidelines and each house should be taken on its merits - the message being not to discount anything that appears to fit your criteria, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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