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Building Successful Landlord & Tenant Working Partnerships

Here at Belvoir Sutton Coldfield, we believe in the importance of building successful relationshi...

Here at Belvoir Sutton Coldfield, we believe in the importance of building successful relationships between landlords and tenants. In the past, conflicts were a lot more common than they are now. We have definitely seen a huge improvement over recent times, with tenants and landlords both realising the advantages of forming a successful partnership.

As successful letting agents, in our job to ensure that both parties are looked after. We play an essential role in creating and maintaining harmony between both landlords and tenants.

We do this through several different methods.

Communication Through Email & Post

We encourage both our tenants and landlords to communicate important issues through email or post. This creates a “paper trail” that might be needed if any problems were to arise at a later date. This provides protection for both landlord and tenant – a written record of what was said and agreed on.

Agreeing on Visits

Landlords like to arrange periodic visits to their properties to ensure that everything is in order and that it’s being looked after properly. It also gives tenants the opportunity to tell them about any repairs that need carrying out. We help arrange a date and time that is good for everyone involved.

Create a Video Inventory

At Belvoir, as well as providing tenancy agreements, we also provide both tenant and landlord with a video inventory. This records the condition of everything within the property, including decoration, fittings and furnishings. This ensures that there are no disputes later on, and the tenant will receive their security deposit back without any problems.

We believe that the relationship between a landlord and tenant is at the heart of the rented property industry. We have 170 branches here at Belvoir, and we can happily say that reports of conflicts are few and far between.

If you would like some information on how we can you, whether you’re looking to rent or lease a property, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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