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West Bridgford Property Blog

Raising Rent - when you should, and when you shouldn't...

A good landlord understands the value of a good tenant. A good tenant pays rent on time, looks...

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Does your agent offer you sufficient legal and financial protection?

Despite the media perception of landlords as extremely wealthy, those of us who truly understand...

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Happy Holidays for Landlords - not Humbugs!

Ah yes, Christmas - that magical time of year when those of us who are apart from their families ...

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Insurance, Landlords and the Law

Would you expect to be fined tens of thousands of pounds for doing the right thing? Nor should...

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Belvoir West Bridgford proudly announce their new office launch!

New Office: We have some exciting news that we would like to share with you! Thanks to you, our ...

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What does Brexit mean for the property market

Falling oil prices, Brexit, and the possibility of President Trump - no wonder people are confuse...

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Getting the best price for your rental property.

I know you're keen to get out there and start earning money from your new investment property, bu...

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I've Bought My First Investment Property - Now What?

Congratulations! Hopefully, to reach this stage you have sought (and taken) the best advice avail...

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Wouldn't it be great if investing money in property were simple?

Part one of our new blog for existing and aspiring landlords!

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