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Uxbridge Property Blog

The Future of Buy To Let in the Hillingdon area in 2017 and beyond!

The Future of Buy To Let in the Hillingdon area in 2017 and beyond!

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What will Heathrow Expansion mean for West Drayton Property Prices?

With the announcement of Heathrow expansion on the landlords and property owners have been asking what is going to happen to property in West Drayton. Historically property prices have been lower in Longford, Harmondsworth and Harlington...

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Tenant Fee Ban: What will this mean for Landlords in Uxbridge,West Drayton and Hayes?

A ban on tenant fees looms and as an agent I won't be shedding tears. It's been coming for a while. Not that I couldn't justify the charge.

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Hillingdon Council Acts to limit development rights from office to residential

At the full council meeting yesterday Hillingdon Council voted to start a consultation process than would most likely restrict the automatic planning rights for developers seeking to convert light industrial and office buildings to residential use.

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What will your Hillingdon property buy for you across the country?

Property prices in Hillingdon have risen by 16.5% on the last year to an average of £416,077 now. England's prices have also risen but by less, 9.2% and London is a major contributor being on average up 12.1%.

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Isn't it time you gave an update on Hillingdon and Uxbridge property prices, Jeremy?

I have been a little quiet over the last couple of months (on the blogging front at least), but as the clocks have drawn in I thought it would be a good time to get back to writing about the Uxbridge property market.

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Belvoir Guide to the Countdown to Christmas

It may be a few months away, but make plans now to protect your property, says Belvoir. The UK's best-organised private sector landlords should be thinking about Christmas around now - and not just the joy, but also the dangers.

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Buy To Let enquiries still strong in Hillingdon and Uxbridge

It's been a tough year for Buy To Let, tax cuts on wear and tear, mortgage tax changes and stamp duty rises. The Bank of England promises tightening on BTL lending criteria, however gearing on BLT property is similar to the residential sector.

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Telegraph "Lenders must tighten rules for buy-to-let by January 1, says Bank"

I was talking to a local senior bank manager recently and gone are the days of 25% down on a buy to let for an average investor. 35% Loan to Value (LTV) and better seems to be the requirement, but lenders will look at the whole of your finances to view the proposition that you as an investor present.

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