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Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard Property Blog

My thoughts on the future of the Leighton Buzzard Buy-To-Let Market

Overall, Leighton Buzzard doesn'€™t match the national trend, with the number of properties on the market actually increasing by an impressive 66% in the last year. It was particularly interesting to see the number of terraced increase by 125%, yet the number of flats on the market only rose by 16%.

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Youngsters unable to buy their first home in Leighton Buzzard – Are the Baby Boomers and Landlords to Blame?

It’s easy to think the only reason that hundreds of first time buyers have been priced out of the Leighton Buzzard housing market is because of these landlords. Yet, I believe landlords have been undervalued with the Leighton Buzzard homes they provide for Leighton Buzzard people

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Leighton Buzzard Apartments are 6.6% more affordable than 10 years ago

Between 2007 and today, we have experienced inflation (as measured by the Government’s Consumer Price Index) of 25.97% meaning that in real spending power terms Leighton Buzzard apartments are 6.6% more affordable than in 2007

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7.92% of Leighton Buzzard and Central Bedfordshire is Built on ... Building Plot Dilemma or Not?

Well the fallout from the recent Budget is still continuing. I was chatting to a couple of movers and shakers from the Leighton Buzzard area the other day, when one said, “There isn’t enough land to build all these 300,000 houses Philip Hammond wants to build each year”.

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Leighton Buzzard Property Market and Hammond’s Budget Promise to Build 300,000 more homes

Nationally, the number of new homes created topped 217,344 last year, the highest since the financial crash of 2007/8. Looking closer to home: in total there were 1,773 ‘net additional dwellings’ in the last 12 months in the Central Bedfordshire Council area, a decent increase of 135% on the 2010 figure.

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The Leighton Buzzard House Price Index:

I can guarantee you in the coming few months, on a month-by-month basis, one or more of the indices will say property prices will have dropped. No property market indices are representative of the housing market in the short term

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Leighton Buzzard Homeowners Are Only Moving Every 13 Years (part 2)

Back in the 1960's/70's as a country, we were building on average 300,000 & 350,000 households a year. The Barker Review a few years ago said that for the UK to stand still and keep up with housing demand we needed to build 240,000 households a year

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Leighton Buzzard Home Owners Are Only Moving Every 13 Years (Part 1)

Looking at the property sales figures in the Leighton Buzzard area since 2010/11, a new trend of number of property sales appears to have started. Interestingly, this has been mirrored nationally.

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Increase in Interest Rates to cost Leighton Buzzard Home Owners £302.58 a year

The proportion of Leighton Buzzard homeowners with variable rate mortgages (and thus directly affected by a Bank of England rate rise) will be smaller than in the past

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