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Carlisle Property Blog

Latest reports suggest the property market is supposed to be cooling – is it time to panic?

Expert Kate Faulkner discusses changes within the industry.

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A Guide To... City Living

Living life in the city can sometimes be a little tough, but exciting at the same time!

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Top Tips for a Garden Makeover

Showcase your garden in its full glory!

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A Guide to the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Top tips for happy guests!

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Be In... Nottingham

A city of culture, nightlife, sport and of course home to the Legend that is Robin Hood.

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Top Tips For Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy and eco-friendliness are hop topics right now!

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Be In... Cambridge

Bursting with interesting things to see, special places to visit and experiences to keep you entertained.

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A Guide To Statement Lighting

Think bold, eye catching and unique.

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Be In... Manchester

Considered to be the UK's second city, Manchester is certainly a dynamic destination.

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