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Basingstoke Property Blog

Building a successful, sustainable letting portfolio

Want to understand everything about creating and running a thriving letting portfolio? Read this month’s blog and get in touch! We’ll teach you everything we know.

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What to do if your tenant…

Finding that gem of a tenant is the key to peace of mind as a landlord, but once they are in situ, things will run from strength to strength.

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Is a Jack Russell better than a large deposit?

In our experience, tenants with pets tend to stay longer.

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Rents don't always rise

The rental market is an example of supply and demand at work.

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Is your tenant in arrears with his rent?

Quite correctly, in law, a tenant has many rights and these aren't negated simply because he hasn't paid his rent for some reason. Chasing late rent can be tricky and you must remember to do this sensibly and reasonably. You can't just turn up unannounced making demands.

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Major benefit of not joint marketing for lettings

Are we really supposed to believe that pet lovers chop and change pets according to circumstances in the way that we would dispose of a wardrobe if a house has them fitted?

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In what and where should you invest?

Probably the most common error made by a landlord is the contemplation of a purchase because "It's a nice area" or because "I would like to live there"

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