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Basingstoke Property Blog

Home buyers top tips for viewing a property

Buying a house is the biggest purchase of your life, and small mistakes can be very costly. Here are some of our top tips.

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Presenting your property to attract a buyer

Presenting your property in its best light is of paramount importance in attracting a buyer.

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Parks and open spaces in Basingstoke and surround areas.

There are many parks and open spaces in and around Basingstoke, some with nature reserves, some with trim trails and play areas.

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Is a Jack Russell better than a large deposit?

In our experience, tenants with pets tend to stay longer.

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Unnecessary Tenancy Renewals and their cost.

Denied this obvious “easy-money”, what will an agent dream up to replace it?

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Is your online agent telling you that there are no buyers out there?

In a market such as this, someone interested in a property shouldn’t have to chase repeatedly in order to view a property. 

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How much is my house worth?

A property's marketing price is very important and here's why.

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