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Basingstoke Property Blog

Tenant's improvements

By allowing a tenant to decorate, a landlord is allowing the tenant to stamp his own mark on a property and make it his home. A tenant is very likely to stay longer in a house that he has "made his own"

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Belvoir to the rescue

The other agent had the property for some 16 weeks and coincidentally, was also involved in the landlord's purchase. It should have been straightforward then for them to liaise with the various parties and to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

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Online presence often "Smoke and Mirrors"

Since so much of our time can be wasted in fielding calls about properties which have already been let, we try to change the status of our properties as soon as we are able. As a result, it often looks as if we have little property available.

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The danger of sole-agency agreements with regard to letting agents.

So the result is that an agent who doesn't deserve the business gets to keep it. He has an unhappy landlord who feels trapped and who no doubt begrudges every penny the agent charges him for his services.

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Is your tenant in arrears with his rent?

Quite correctly, in law, a tenant has many rights and these aren't negated simply because he hasn't paid his rent for some reason. Chasing late rent can be tricky and you must remember to do this sensibly and reasonably. You can't just turn up unannounced making demands.

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Major benefit of not joint marketing for lettings

Are we really supposed to believe that pet lovers chop and change pets according to circumstances in the way that we would dispose of a wardrobe if a house has them fitted?

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How to approach the issue of gardens in let properties.

Those roses and shrubs which were once lovingly cared for and trimmed, may now be nothing more than a means of puncturing footballs. And the weeds are something that many tenants simply tolerate.

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Belvoir payment policy explained

We generally make a tenant's rent day coincide with the day they move in, which serves to help keep their initial costs to a minimum. The result is that rents are due every day of the month and we pass it on every single working day of the month.

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What sort of Tenant are you seeking to attract?

The requirements of a young professional couple without children are usually entirely different to those of a couple with young children

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