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Blog: Letting go of the reigns

Today is my first day back in the office after a fantastic two week break in Cyprus, and I’m feeling great and suitably refreshed! I also made good my promise to my wife that I would not look at my emails for the whole two week period. Admittedly, I was straight on my emails as soon as the two week sentence (I jest) was over! As many business owners, micromanagers and self-confessed control freaks will attest (I think I fall into all three categories), being away from your business with a self-imposed media blackout is exceptionally hard, although sunshine, lunchtime beers and a swimming pool can certainly help you to forget that hard work and dedication is what paid for it all in the first place!

So, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I came into my Swansea office this morning; because obviously I’m so important that there is no way the business could survive let alone thrive in my absence! Well I needn’t have worried, because we have built an amazing team across both offices, and the business is absolutely flying, and although the team have been exceptionally busy, they are smiling, new stock is coming to the market and they are selling and letting really well. I’m a happy man/business owner and exceptionally proud of my team, although I’m embarrassed that I ever doubted they could manage without any guidance from myself. I have learnt a valuable lesson- I hired these guys so they must be good and given a level of autonomy away from my prying eyes, they were always going to excel.

 If you’d like to see what these superstars look like, then follow the link to Meet the Team!  https://www.belvoir.co.uk/swansea/staff

Ben Davies

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