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Belvoir Telford Teams Up With SDL Auctions

Belvoir Telford has teamed up with SDL Aunctions

Belvoir Telford has teamed up with SDL Auctions to launch a new, enhanced sales package maximising opportunities to sell properties quickly and for the best price.

SDL Auctions, is one of the largest Auction networks in the UK, holding more than 40 auctions across the country every year. Now Belvoir Telford can offer your property at an online auction or live in-room auction, while continuing to market it locally in the traditional way.

This new partnership means we are utilising all methods of sale and can give our seller clients the best advice to suit their requirements and timescales. This service also extends to the sale of tenanted properties, land/development opportunities and commercial properties. By teaming up with SDL Auctions, we can reach more potential buyers and drive the best possible price within a fixed time frame. Sellers can set a reserve price and choose when they would like their auction date, either the next live auction available, or choose an online auction,”

The vendor can choose the traditional auction route, known as unconditional auctions, where buyers are legally, financially and contractually bound to complete the purchase of the property,giving sellers certainty over their sale. Alternatively, they may prefer the conditional route, where the
buyer pays a reservation fee to secure the property and is granted 56 days to exchange contracts and complete their purchase. Giving the buyer a more flexible timescale can sometime result in a higher price being achieved.

This means that whether it’s a vacant, chain-free property for sale, or simply someone looking to move home, we have many more options than other agents. We encourage anyone looking to sell to call us now for a chat, with no obligation, to see how we can
achieve a sale in the quickest and most efficient way.

To view more information on how the new Belvoir Telford Auction platform could work for you visit the Belvoir Telford Website's Auction page or click the banner to view local listings.
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