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Belvoir Hull tips on selling your home!

Belvoir Hull ten tips for Selling your home. Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision and c...

Belvoir Hull ten tips for Selling your home.

Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision and can be very stressful. But if you follow these tips your house sale should go smoothly.

1. Selling your home on your own.. deciding to sell the property on your own is very brave however in order for your property to be marketed correctly and to attract the right buyers you will need an agent. Do some research ask friends, family if they have used an agent and if there is one that they could recommend. You can also go on rightmove and search for agents on there.

2. Asking to much for your property.. If you ask to much for your property you will struggle finding any interested buyer. Research the market and check what prices homes in the area have sold for to give some idea as to what price to ask. Also the agent you have asked to market your property will have some prices in mind too.

3. Do not neglect any repairs.. You will lose money if you do not carry out repairs such as a leaky roof, damp, condensation, or uneven floors. Ignoring essential repairs can make the property unmortgageable. Honesty is always the best policy.

4. Tidy the property up before photos are taken.. No one likes living in a untidy house. Clutter removes equity in your property so tidy it up before any photographs are taken or before anyone comes to view the property.

5. Selling a vacant house.. Viewing a vacant property makes buyers feel uninterested. Buyers can lack imagination so if the house has some furniture then each room has a purpose. 

6. Letting your ego lose you money.. Many sellers think they are professional negotiators and feel they can save thousands of pounds or even negotiate the best deal. This may be possible for a handful of sellers however this is a business transaction so put your head into the deal and not your heart.

7. Make a full set of disclosure from the beginning.. Be upfront with the buyer if there are any repair issues even if the guttering hasn't been cleaned for several years, cracks in the property or a roofing problem talk about them as a surveyor will find faults and then the deal will be off.

8. Timing the sale.. Get your property on the market at the right time of year nobody wants to be buying a house 12 weeks before Christmas, or July-August as families are busy planning there summer holidays so timing is crucial.

9. Negotiate on your terms of selling your home by making your house a home..As a seller you could be left with thousands of pounds in estate agent bills.  Whilst this is perfectly normal, it can be off-set with buyers paying your estate agent fees. For example, the buyer could pay 1% or 2% more on the purchase price because they love the property, and you have made such a lovely home that they can see themselves living in the house.

 10. Using average photos..It is recommended that you use proffessional photo's to market the property otherwise the photographs used may not do the property any justice.

If you are an investor and would like a second opinion on a property you have seen, you can send the URL of the property to us via email hull@belvoir.co.uk. Alternately you can call our office on 01482 322300 or pop into our office and have a chat, the kettle is always on and we will even pull out the biscuits!

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