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Belvoir Hull is a registered Safe Agent, is yours?

Here at Belvoir we like to ensure we look after our Landlords and our tenants. Belvoir Hull is a...

Here at Belvoir we like to ensure we look after our Landlords and our tenants.

Belvoir Hull is a registered Safe Agent 

We want people to be confident we are not a rogue agent and been registered with a professional body or redress scheme is the best way any agent can go forward.

Here at Belvoir Hull we are registered with Safeagent (Safeagent scheme), TPO (The property ombudsman) and Safe Agent.

All letting and management agents are required by law to be registered this came into effect from October 2008. In the past there was to many rogue agents taking advantage of Landlords and tenants and something had to be done to protect them. Dealing with these rogue agents was very frustrating for landlords especially if they wasn't doing there job correctly and there was simply no one these landlords could turn too to complain.

A notorious problem over the years was consumers had more rights purchasing canned fruit or vegetables than buying/renting a property. So this is why it became law for agencys to register with a governing body.

There is 2 advantages to using a agent that is registered :

1. Agents are required to follow a code of conduct and this means you get a better service.

2. If the agent provides a poor service then you can complain to the scheme and they will investigate it.

 Don't get caught out with a Rogue Agent call Belvoir today were here to take care of you.


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