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Belvoir Hull end of tenancy tips

Belvoir Hull end of tenancy tips Firstly read your tenancy agreement in full it will stipulate ...

Belvoir Hull end of tenancy tips 

Firstly read your tenancy agreement in full it will stipulate on there how the property should be left when your tenancy is ending.

If any damage has been caused by you or occured during your tenancy you must make sure this is fixed or replaced before you move out. If you do not your landlord is well within his rights to get this fixed and charge you for the repair or take this payment out of your deposit.

 Ensure you clean the house thoroughly the landlord will expect the property to be left in the same clean state the property was in when you moved in. If the landlord has to get a cleaner in to do a end of tenancy clean this will be charged back to you or taken from your deposit. Ensure that you have emptied all cupboards and drawers and if applicable the Oven or any other integrated appliances are cleaned. 

If the property came with carpets ensure they have been thoroughly hoovered and it is a good idea to hire a industrial cleaner to bring the freshness back into the carpets and it will also remove any stains if there are any, the Bathroom/Toilets needs to be cleaned and any drainage need's to be free of blockages etc. taps on sinks and baths need to be free of limescale and mould.

Windows need to be clean inside and out including frames also check walls for any scuff marks or holes. If their is any holes use some filler and a bit of sand paper when it is dry to take off any rough edges. If there was any curtains or blinds in the property when you moved in ensure these are washed or dry cleaned if curtains and any blinds are dust free.

Dont forget about the garden alot of people feel that the garden is not part of the property however it actually is and if the grass is over grown or full of weeds this again can stop tenants getting there deposit back.

If all these things are done you will get your deposit back, landlords do not like having to withold deposits however if these jobs are not done they have to ensure the property is ready for a new tenant and this is at your cost if not done correctly.

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