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Belvoir Conference 2016 - Coombe Abbey

Was lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic annual Belvoir Conference on Friday 11th March 2016 at Coombe Abbey near Coventy. Great to be away for a day. We stayed over on Friday night after an evening meal and Belvoir Awards ceremony.

Was lucky enough to enjoy a fantastic annual Belvoir Conference on Friday 11th March 2016 at Coombe Abbey near Coventy.  Great to be away for a day!  

It's always great to catch up with my fellow franchisees, those I know and those I don't.  I tend to spend much less time at events talking to those I know really well and more making new friends!   

So what did we talk about during the conference day?  In a rather lavish marque we discussed:

Social Media

Nick Tadd from Property Tribes talked to the group, I think there were about 200 of us there, about their site and successes and encouraging non users to enter the warm and inviting waters of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Also heard from Belvoir in house experts Sam and Kiara on social media as well and a new business partner for ourselves on the social media side.

Did enjoy a number of side conversations with one of my colleagues including latest techniques for marketing property without the major portals and how to use them well as well!  

Rightmove and Zoopla

Being a large company we received presentations and mystery shop results from Rightmove which were pretty good as a group and very illuminating!

Legionella Risk Assessments

This is an issue that had been worrying some of us so it was good to hear on this issue. David D'orton-Gibson is a great no nonsense communicator, who enjoys explaining where common sense and the law depart and what is a reasonable expectation.  

It's very clear that most letting agents don't adequately protect their landlord clients with respect to Legionella risk management.       

Let Alliance

An interesting presentation from Andy Halstead of Let Alliance who provide references on tenants, some tenant services and some insurance products.  A lot more for us to work on in the future.

Trading Standards

We were lucky enough to hear from James Munro who is a civil servant and a national lead for Trading Standards on Estate Agency work who spoke about Consumer Protection Regulations and worked through some specific examples of case law with us.  

I think it's great that we can hear from well placed people in the industry.

Mike Goddard

There were also lots of updates from Belvoir folks such as founder and and Managing Director, Mike Goddard.  Being an ex-Wing Commander he was keen to let us know where he expects our service levels to go and I can assure you it wasn't downhill!

Gavin Oattes

The whole day event was hosted by Gavin Oattes from Tree of Knowledge , he wanted to encourage us to play more and work because we love it!  Being franchisees we chose to follow this course so he was really talking to the converted.  Although it took us a little while to get into the swing of things!

He was keen that we leave the conference and when we had the opportunity to Roll Up in a Duvet and call someone in let them know that we were 'sausage rolls'.  Do you know what, I did it!  Sarah did wonder if I'd had more of a funny turn than a sausage roll....

Also liked that Gavin didn't mentioned that he'd once appeared on Dragons Den.

A day full of lots of inspiring memories and action plans for the future to take away. 

Coombe Abbey

For me though the real star of the venue was Coombe Abbey.  A stunning setting.  Could easily see it being the inspiration fo Hogwarts!  It's eccentric and eclectic, it's a treasure of national importance. 

Coombe Abbey - ReceptionCoombe Abbey - Reception

It was also lovely bring my wife Sarah along in the evening.  We stayed over on Friday night after an evening meal and the prestigious Annual Belvoir awards ceremony.  Saturday was a slow start - I was exhausted the following day!

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