Belvoir! Bromley’s Tips for preparing for viewings

Belvoir! Bromley’s Tips for preparing for viewings

Belvoir! Bromley’s Tips for preparing for viewings


A tidy home can really make a difference when selling your home. Decluttering should be your number one priority when preparing for a viewing. Take some time to clean, and organise each room, some objects may be sentimental but can be distracting to potential buyers. Too many items of furniture, children’s toys, games or gym equipment on display could make a property feel smaller and have an impact on a potential sale.

The walk-up

Your front door is what buyers base their first in-person impression on. An appealing front door space, with a welcome mat, or some potted plants could add curbside appeal. Make sure the space is always clean as it would make a lot of difference.

A touch of paint

All homes are for being lived in, wear and tear is inevitable to brighten up the home a fresh, clean coat of paint will always be appealing to potential buyers. Be mindful to stick to neutral colours as it is easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Loud colours much like clutter can be distracting and make space feel smaller.


We love our furry friends but not all people do. It is important to keep pets confined to a specific room, or area such as a garden during viewings as some people may have allergies or phobias. In some cases maybe giving the dogs a walk or asking the neighbour to watch your cat for an hour, could save yourself some stress when preparing for the viewing.


Before viewings take place the pictures of your property will be how people decide whether or not your home is desirable. It is imperative to take professional and clear photos of your home. Here at Belvoir! Bromley, we uniquely have the tools to operate a 360 tour of our homes so potential buyers can tour your property online like never before from any location across the world.


A Belvoir! Bromley guide for tenants: The questions you should be asking when renting


Who takes care of what?

- What bills am I responsible for?

- What kind of contract am I in? Joint or sole?

- Are utilities included?

- Who pays council tax?

- If the property is shared how are bills shared?


Unfurnished or furnished?

- Is it partly furnished? Is that an option?

- Does it include a bed?

- What is the storage available to me?

- How much wardrobe space do I have?

- Do I have the option to opt-out of some of the furniture?

- Is the furniture from the viewing previous tenants or included?


Can I decorate

- Can I paint my room/home?

- Can I hang pictures? Or erect shelves?

- Can I hang my own television?


Heating and water

- What kind of boiler is it?

- Are the radiators and taps all fully functioning?

- What’s the water pressure like?



- What’s the nearest transport links?

- What is parking like

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