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Speeding Up The Completion Process

If you have ever bought or sold a property you know how frustratingly slow the whole process can ...

If you have ever bought or sold a property you know how frustratingly slow the whole process can be.

So whose fault is this?

Is it the Belfast estate agents, the solicitors, or the mortgage companies? It’s a well-known issue in the industry nationwide and last month the Conveyancing Association met in London to find ways to improve the homebuyer’s process for buyers, sellers and the businesses involved.

Obviously, when buying and selling property it’s vital that all the legalities and finances are handled correctly, although it looks like these processes could easily be speeded up with all parties working cooperatively.

The Conveyancing Association carried out a survey in advance of the meeting and highlighted some of the common areas of concern. Of the industry organisations surveyed, around 60% said they regularly have issues and a further 18% described it as an “absolute nightmare”.

Another problem was over 50% of clients having unrealistic expectations about how long this process would take. This misconception is attributed to clients not being fully informed at the outset. It’s also possible that some providers are” over promising” in order win clients.

We recognised this as a real concern early on for almost all clients, where the completion process “drifts” along instead of being driven forward.  

So we decided to do things differently at Belvoir Belfast, by providing our “Personal Agent Service”.

This means we stay actively involved with all the parties on both the buyers side and the vendors.  When a sale is agreed we position ourselves as the “driver” focusing on moving the process along keeping everyone accountable and eliminating unnecessary delays.

We regularly see our involvement speeding up the completion process by as much as three weeks. There a few other ways we can help too! Check them out here.

If you feel we could help you by saving that much time on your property completion then get in touch with us, and let's see how we can help.

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