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To be sure to be sure

''To be sure.. to be sure.'' Happy St Pat's Day !! Firstly may I wish you all a Happy St Pat's d...

‘’To be sure.. to be sure.’’ Happy St Pat’s Day !!

Firstly may I wish you all a Happy St Pat’s day for next week. Our experienced property manager was speaking with one of landlord clients today who was checking on the progress of the referencing for his new tenant. He was enquiring why it was taking so long ? It’s a fair question but tenant referencing should be a detailed process and will inevitably in some cases take some time as we await replies to our enquiries. For many years now we at Belvoir! have done our own ‘in house tenant checks’ along with a national link to Experian to find the’ hidden extras’ on someone’s credit file. We as specialists can ‘spot the patterns’ and our experience thankfully has led to an exemplary rent receivable profile in the industry. Long may that continue…to be sure to be sure !

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