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Belvoir Hull's 5 steps to take the stress out of selling

Be on the move with Belvoir Hull When it comes to selling your property, the thought alone can b...

Be on the move with Belvoir Hull

When it comes to selling your property, the thought alone can be stressful enough, but rest assured that the team at Belvoir will be able to help you to achieve this quickly and efficiently. Whether you are taking your first steps onto the property ladder, moving to a new area, selling a property for a relative. Trying to downsize or just fancy a change, this five-step guide will help you to achieve your dreams.

1. Finding the right agent…Choosing the right estate agent for the job can be one of the toughest parts of the process, and it is undoubtedly one of the most import parts. A reliable agent that has in-depth knowledge is key as you want to ensure the whole process follows regulation and will cause you as little stress as possible.
Your home is likely to be one of your most valuable assets, you therefore want a reliable agent to handle the process. When you visit an agent, how attentive are they and how welcome do they make you feel? These are the key factors to finding the right agent for you.

2. Appraisal time…Invite your chosen agent to visit your property to conduct an appraisal. A good agent will use their local knowledge, plus information from the land registry on comparable properties to help advise you on the best price for your property. The recommended value could also be somewhat dependent on the timeframe you have in mind and your motivations for moving.
You should quickly receive written confirmation of the market value of your property, it is not unusual for all three values to be different! Don’t necessarily choose the agent that gives the highest recommended value, if it is unrealistic it can seriously affect the chances of selling your home.
In addition, don’t automatically give your business to the agent that offers the cheapest fees. The agent that offers you the highest value may just be trying to attract business and the cheapest agent is unlikely to be able to offer the same level of customer service that you may require and could therefore take longer to sell your home, which would be a false economy. As with any service – you get what you pay for, and it’s no different when selling your home

3. Marketing…Once you have chosen your agent they may arrange for a sale board to be erected outside your property and will set about preparing marketing material to help sell it. Marketing preparations involve confirming accurate measurements and preparing a floorplan, taking professional standard photographs of the interior and exterior and wiring a brief description of the property to help show off those key selling points that will attract buyers. You will also need to provide the agent with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), but if you do not have one, your agent should be able to provide a quote.
A good agent will advise you on how to prepare your home for sale…decluttering, general tidying and a fresh coat of paint with neutral colours. Plus, a quick garden makeover can do wonders to enhance a property and make it attractive to buyers!
Your agent may well have a list of local solicitors that they recommend, and now is the time to commission one to deal with the sale of your property. Get several quotes before you decide which solicitor or licensed conveyancer to use. You will need to provide them with all your mortgage documents, house deeds and other information so make sure you know where these are. It is always advisable to use registered post or deliver important documents by hand.

4. Vital viewings...Your estate agent should arrange to accompany potential buyers on viewings, they will be able to point out the key selling points for your home including proximity to local schools and amenities and will know exactly what the potential buyer is looking for.

Here are a few tips:
• Declutter and tidy up for every viewing
• Consider putting any excess, bulky furniture into storage
• Clean the windows and air the property thoroughly and only smoke outside
• Try to keep pets outside during viewings
• Displaying a vase of fragrant flowers in a prominent location
• It’s not a myth that attractive smells such as coffee o baking bread can give a house a homely appeal during a viewing!
You should receive feedback from your agent after every viewing. Pay attention to any points and if possible, address them. For example, if a potential buyer is concerned that the property has insufficient storage space, see if you can rearrange the furniture and show it off to better advantage.
A good agent will already have a database of prospective buyers looking for a property just like yours and will email and text them as soon as your property is ready for sale.

5. Receiving an offer…The news that you have received an offer on your house is always very exciting. This may be for the full asking price, or the buyer may be trying negotiate a lower one. When considering offers, it is important to listen to your agent’s advice and consider whether the buyer has already sold their property, whether they are caught up in a chain, if they are cash buyers, or if they are buying with a mortgage and if so whether this is already in place.
Your agent will work on your behalf to achieve the very best price for your property and should keep you informed every step of the negotiations. If several people make an offer, your agent will ensure that you achieve the premium price and will inform you when the property has been sold subject to contract. At this point it will be removed from the open market and solicitors will become involved fir both parties. A timescale for the offer will be planned, survey dates arranged and a proposed date for completion will be agreed. You are now well on the way to selling your home!
Completion day is the day when all remaining money is paid from the buyer to the seller. This is also the day that legal ownership changed and you officially move out of your old house and into your new one. Make sure you book a professional and highly recommended removal company in good time!

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