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Fancy knowing which member of our team wants to go back to Roman times and hang out with Spartans? Who gets made fun of by their friends because of their hair? What about finding out what the most embarrassing CD that they each own is?


Fancy knowing which member of our team wants to go back to Roman times and hang out with Spartans? Who gets made fun of by their friends because of their hair? What about finding out what the most embarrassing CD that they each own is?

We've put Director, Michael and Property Manager, Rachael under the spotlight in the 'five minute interview' for your reading pleasure and so you can get to know the gang at Belvoir Mansfield a little better.


The Belvoir Mansfield Team.

What was one of your funniest misconceptions when growing up?

M- If I swallowed any chewing/bubble gum it would stay in my stomach for 7 years!

R-That the only colours seen by people in the olden days were hues of black and white and it was all quite grim, I thought that colour was a recent innovation and had not been invented until at least the 20th century. (I grew up when colour TV’s were a new invention and a lot of programs where broadcast in black and white, I realised aged about 5 this wasn’t the case)


What’s the most embarrassing CD you own?

M- Now That's What I Call Music! 59 (that’s the one with 3 of a Kind – Babycakes on it!)

R- Windows 95?


What couldn’t you live without?

M- Apart from the obvious like water, oxygen, family, friends etc. it would probably be steak bakes.

R- My family power ups, where I have the most marvellous, impulsive day, fill the car up and just go, and do, anything that springs to mind, somewhere totally spontaneous and it is even better shared with a car full of friends, after this, I feel recharged and able to face anything.


Who would be your ideal dinner party guests and why?

M- Vladmir Putin as he is an absolute character, Gal Gadot because she is just divine, Edward Snowden for those good old conspiracy talks & Pablo Escobar to tell us about his story!

R- Anyone I meet, I don’t think you have to be famous or well known to be interesting, good company, funny or smart. I like meeting people with different views of the world, opens your eyes and introduced you to things you might not have tried before, done or thought.


If you could time warp to any era in history, when would it be and who would you hang out with?

M- The Roman Era (75 BC) and I’d hang out with Spartacus!

R- Between 1920’s and 1940’s, The Art Deco period, because of the universal verve for living and exploration and the exquisite craftsmanship, design and attention to detail evident in everyday life.
I’d hang out with wonderful people like Amy Johnson, René Lalique, HG Wells, D H Lawrence, John Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Coco Channel, Millicent Fawcett and Howard Carter.


What is your favourite movie of all time?

M- It would be a toss up between Shawshank Redemption or Escape From Alcatraz

R- LOTR, but the book is so much better really!


What toppings would you have on your perfect pizza?

M-Mozzarella, spicy beef, chili peppers and BBQ sauce

R-Tomato and cheese and some rocket.


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

M-When she was a toddler, my younger sister made me a bookmark which I carry with me always

R-Rubik’s Cube.


What’s your favourite board game and why?

M- A Christmas classic in my household – Articulate! Occasions such as when I tried to describe an armadillo using the song ‘I am on my way to Amarillo’ make it all the better.

R- Risk. World domination and Monopoly for much the same reason

What would you say is the best country you’ve ever visited?

M- Back in Christmas 2015 I visited Ghana & Nigeria over the Christmas and New Year period.

R- Brazil


What is the most useful advice given to you?

M- My old man said to me ‘those who have done nowt wrong, have done nowt at all,’ so I try to experience as many things as possible as a result of these wise words!

R- You can always earn money back; but never time.


What do your friends always make fun of you for?

M- Well it most definitely can’t be my hair…

R-Talking to anyone and ordering things neatly and cleaning things super thoroughly.


Who would play you in the movie of your life?

M- Clint Eastwood

R- Tom Hanks – he talked to a football quite convincingly – I think I’d manage that!


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