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10 Easy Hacks for Organising & Decorating Your Home

Organising and decorating our homes can be an arduous and expensive task at the best of times. Be...

Organising and decorating our homes can be an arduous and expensive task at the best of times. Below we have provided some simple ways that can make this process simple and painless

1. Organise your bathroom with old CD racks.

CDs, remember those? It’s safe to say they’re fairly obsolete now right? You might have a bunch of CDs lying around the house that you don’t want anymore, or you’ve stored them in the attic still sitting in their racks. They also happen to be fairly cheap in stores because nobody buys them anymore.

CD racks transform perfectly into great bathroom organisers if you turn them on their side! If you’re pretty handy you can drill these into your wall, or simply put it onto a shelf. If you have a wooden one it can also add a trendy rustic feel to your bathroom. 

2. Use your empty tissue boxes to store your plastic bags.

Plastic bags cost money now and so we have to bring our own. Although this was put into place to help the environment (which we’re all for!) there are 2 major frustrations that come out of this – (1) we forget to bring bags to the supermarket and end up buying loads, and (2) we accumulate a million of them and don’t know where to put them.

It turns out empty tissue boxes are a great way to store these easily and out of the way. You can simply put your empty tissue boxes in a cupboard or pantry but if you’re really savvy you can stick some double-sided tape on the bottom and place them on the inside of a cupboard or pantry door. That way those plastic bags are neatly packed away and easily accessible…and if you don’t like the way these empty tissue boxes look you can always paint them!

3. Fill your empty fireplace with candles.
Many of us have fireplaces purely there for aesthetics or we simply just don’t want to use them. To add a nice touch to this empty space why not add some candles? It adds more light to the room and creates a warm homey feel. This is also a good idea if you’re holding viewings at your property – whether it be for letting or selling!

4. Window wipers can double up as pet hair removers.
Many of us have pets, and many of them shed… a lot. Sometimes our hoovers simply aren’t capable of sucking it all up. If your carpet is covered in pet hair then taking a window wiper to it should solve your problem!

Bonus tip: These also work in the shower to help reduce limescale! 

5. Shoe organiser = pantry organiser!
Got too much stuff in your pantry and nowhere else to put it? A shoe organiser on the back of the door is a great way to reduce clutter.


6. Deciding on a paint colour made easier.
There’s a website where you can see what your room will look like with a different coloured paint. It makes deciding on a new colour so much easier. Go to www.mycolortopia.com to visualise what your room will look like with all kinds of different colours!

 7. Use an ice cube to remove dents in your carpet.
Sometimes furniture can leave unsightly dents in our carpets that are difficult to remove. This is especially annoying if you’re holding viewings of your property. Simply pop an ice cube into the dent and let it melt. Once the ice cube has melted all you have to do is use your finger to unflatten the fibres. Let it dry and no more dent!

...These last few tips are dedicated to those of you with kids. We all know having kids can be expensive, especially when it comes to decorating their rooms. These hacks can reduce costs and generally make life a little easier for you!

8. Doodle on lightbulbs to create fun silhouettes.
Take the lampshade off the ceiling light in your child’s bedroom/playroom. Use a sharpie (or something similar) to draw fun designs on the bulb. This will create cute shadows that your child will love. It also saves on buying one of those funky, expensive lamps!

9. Poke holes in old dark lampshades for a starry effect.
This is another great and cheap idea for a child’s room. If you have any old dark lamps that you no longer use or are considering throwing out just poke holes in it to create a beautiful night sky effect.

10. Paint the outsides of a dresser’s drawers.
This is a simple way to add a fun and bright element to a child’s room.

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