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10 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

With Christmas just around the corner we have put together some cheap and easy ways to get your h...

With Christmas just around the corner we have put together some cheap and easy ways to get your home looking festive.


1. Jam jar snow globe 

Fill an old jam jar with water and glitter,and glue a Christmassy figurine to the inside of the lid! You’ll instantly bring some festivity into your home. You can experiment with ribbons and different sizes of jars to create different looks.


2. Advent Calendar


Fill odd socks with treats and tie them shut with a bow and gift tags displaying the number. Place them in a basket for a lucky-dip style advent calendar or hang them on a piece of twine stretched along the fireplace.



3. Christmas card holder


String some ribbon across an old picture frame for a simple and festive way to display all your Christmas cards. You can hang the cards directly on the ribbon or paint some clothes pegs with festive designs and use them to attach the cards.



4. Christmas stocking

Create a Christmassy cosy feel with a stocking made from an old jumper (even better if it’s an old Christmas jumper). You will need to get your sewing machine out for this one but don’t shy away just yet, it’s very easy to do. Follow the link to see how.



5. Candle holder

Create a cosy glow with simple and effective candle holders. You could use PVA glue to stick small twigs from the garden to the outside of a jar. Or you could decorate the jar with twine and pages out of old books. Experiment with glitter, bows and whatever else you can think of!


6. Pine cone elves

These adorable elves are a good project to undertake with children and they will look great sitting on the mantelpiece! Take a pine cone and use wooden beads or ping-pong balls to make the head. Make hats, scarves, mittens, shoes and whatever else you want to decorate them with from felt (wool blend felt is best), use a glue gun to attach these to the pine cone. A bell on the point of the hat is a nice addition.


7. Wreath

A wreath is a great way to decorate your home from the outside and by making your own you have full control over what it looks like. You can buy a plain wreath very cheaply in a craft store and design it yourself. Some ideas include gluing on Christmas baubles or for a more rustic look you can get outside and gather some holly boughs, evergreen branches and red berries.


8. Salt dough tree decorations

Using salt dough you can create individual and festive decorations to hang on your tree. Use cookie cutters (or cut by hand) to create festive shapes and, once baked until hard, you can decide whether you want to go for a rustic look or for bright and cheery colours. Use ribbon or twine to hang them on the tree. For a salt dough recipe you can follow the link.



9. Bottle cork Christmas decoration


Do your bit for the planet and recycle corks into decorations for the tree. Pipe cleaners, sticky gems, pompoms and all sorts of other bits and pieces can be used to add finishing touches to your creation. Use craft wire to hang your finished product up.


10. Christmas tree star

Last but not least you will need something to finish off your tree. This folded star would be the perfect final touch. Depending on the look you are going for, this can be made from pages out of books or metallic card and you can finish it off with a spray of fake snow or a sprinkling of glitter. To see how to make it, follow the link.



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