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1 Bed Fully Refurbished Buy to Let - West End of Dundee

1 Bed Fully Refurbished Buy to Let for sale - West End of Dundee

Recently I was having a chat over coffee and a bun with a potential landlord who was very keen to get into the market, particularly in the West End, possibly as far out as Ninewells.

 However she was not interested in anything that required any work, she wants to hit the ground running as quickly as possible with the minimum effort.

 This one is ideal if you’re of a similar inclination and looking for a one bed. http://www.tspc.co.uk/1-Bed-Ground-Floor-Flat-For-Sale-GR-13-Bellefield-Avenue-West-End-Dundee-DD1-4NH 

It’s in the heart of the West End and in a popular street that I have rented on a number of times. It’s being offered by our neighbours at Bailies Solicitors and looks like its been done to a good standard.

The asking price is £100,000 but of course you can always try and offer. Rental I would estimate as around £500 without any great difficulty, which is a yield of 5.5%, capital appreciation has been over 17% over the last 5 years in that postcode.

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