Top Tips to Help Your Move Go Smoothly

Be organised

Try and get a moving date agreed as soon as possible. This will really help focus your thoughts. However, if you are buying/selling your home be prepared for this date to change right up until exchange of contracts

Write a list of everything you need to do before the move along with the date you will aim to do each item by. As you think of new things, add them to the list so that nothing gets forgotten.


Have a clear out

Moving home is a great chance to clear out all those items you don’t really need. Think about what you can sell (online selling sites, boot sales), what you can recycle (charity shops, gifting to friends/family) and what needs to be thrown away.


Get quotes for removals

Whether it is just a ‘man and a van’ or full service removals you will need, start shopping around. Ask friends for recommendations and get several quotes before deciding who to use.

If you don’t have many possessions to move, you may want to rent a van and get a few friends to help. However, that can easily add to the stress of moving day, so make sure it's the right solution for you.


Start packing!

Don’t be tempted to leave all the packing to the last minute. There are lots of items which can be sorted and packed up early. Remember to label each box with a brief description of the items and the room that it belongs in.

Alternatively, you can have the removal company come in and pack everything for you just before the moving date. They do this very quickly and you will find you are packed up in a matter of hours!


Think about your furniture

Before you have removal men asking which room to take your belongings to, plan where each item of furniture will need to go in your new house. If you have a clear idea of what will fit where, it will make the moving process on the day a lot easier.


Change of address

Make sure you advise all the utility companies of your moving date. Compile a list of all the other people and organisations that will need to know you have moved – work, bank, insurance, Local Council,  Doctor, Dentist, DVLA etc. The list is pretty long. Consider re-directing your mail for a period of time as the likelihood is that you will forget one or two…

Pack the essentials for moving day

Make sure everything you might need quickly when you first get into your new home is at hand. This could include:

-          Kettle, mugs, tea, milk, coffee, sugar

-          Cleaning products, vacuum cleaner and bin bags

-          Phone and charger

-          Toilet roll, kitchen roll

-          Valuables and important documents


By being organised and prepared, hopefully your moving day will not be too stressful and you will soon get unpacked and settled in your new home.

If you are thinking of moving and need any help or advice, please do get in touch with one of the Belvoir team – 01264 366611