Ways to keep your Belvoir Home warm this Christmas

It’ll be no surprise to anyone in Aldershot that the past week it’s really cold! We even had snow yesterday for 5 minutes, so I think it’s safe to say that we’re well and truly in winter now.

I’m seeing the Christmas trees going up in the windows, and the lights on the houses, and which makes up for being freezing a little bit I suppose. 

As we turned up the heating in the office, it got me to thinking, we share tips with our tenants every Christmas on how to keep their homes warm, and avoid things like burst pipes through the festive season (I know…how jolly, but nothing ruins Christmas day like a frozen pipe bursting) and avoid mould… I’m really selling you on the seasons greetings here aren’t I?

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to share some of our best tips on keeping your home warm and cosy for less.

1. Close your curtains and blinds. Obvious you might think, but doing this earlier in the day when it’s just starting to get dark rather than later at night will really make a difference in keeping the heat in and using your heating more economically.

 2. Make Draught Excluders. Some old tights, socks, or even old pillowcases make great draught excluders for your doors. The more ‘gaps’ you can cover, the better!

3, Don’t use your heaters to dry clothes on. It might seem like a good idea, when you can’t hang clothes outside, but it can really affect your heating, and which means your spending more and taking longer to get to an efficient temperateure. Plus you can cause mould and condensation too.

4. Get the family together. This is even easier on Christmas day! Get everyone in one room, get playing games like charades, watching TV snuggled up on the sofa or if you’ve got a games consol with a motion sensor get jumping around. You’ll generate and share heat. Plus it really is a great way to spend time with your family and friends!

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and a very Happy New Year!