Health and Safety for Landlords

Any good landlord knows that there are a few health and safety obligations that they need to stay on top of whilst renting out their property. It's important to know what measures you need to have in place not only before a tenant moves in, but also during the tenancy.

Gas Safety is the one check most landlords are aware of needing to do before a tenant takes possession. If there are any gas appliancies in the property they must be checked and a certificate issued to the tenant when they move in, and then each year. This must not be allowed to expire. If you have your property managed by Belvoir Aldershot, we arrange this for you with a Gas Safe registered engineer in time for the renewal ech year, so you don't need to worry.

Legionella Checks are completed to protect tenants against Legionairres Disease, and a full risk assessment of any potential issues is carried out by a qualified plumber or engineer. The check takes into account things like water tanks, pipework and any appliances that may pose a risk in certain circumstances. This check can also highlight any potential issues with maintenance in these areas. If your property is managed by Belvoir Aldershot, we can arrange this check for you, and advise on how to make any necessary changes to avoid risk to your tenants.

Fire Safety is an obvious one when you are renting a property, and it's common sense to make sure there are smoke alarms on each floor of your property. When we check a new tenant in these are tested working and audible, and tenants are reminded to keep the batteries changed if they run out. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is lethal. If you have an open fire or log burner in your property it is essential that a carbon monoxide alarm is in place and working. We reccomend that all properties with boilers, gas fires etc have these alarms installed. As carbon monoxide is odorless but deadly, these alarms can save a life!