Can I still move House?

We've had a few questions from potential tenants and buyers, wondering if it's allowed or even possible for them to move house at the moment. COVID-19 did mean that restrictions were placed on moving house originally. As you know our office is now open and we are offering appointments to anyone who needs to visit the office, or a viewing/appraisal in a property. 

So the answer is, at the moment as we write this, you can view properties and rent or buy a property. Moving house is currently allowed. Any face to face appointments are made with social distancing protocols, and hygiene standards in place to ensure that our staff and clients stay as safe as possible.
We are also keeping a record of all visitors which is held for 14 days only, should we be informed of any person who has visited the office or property who goes on to show symptoms of or is confirmed to have COVID-19, so that anyone who may be at risk can be informed and isolate/treat as appropriate.

We love letting and selling property, but we've always maintained that the people we work with are important to us, and not just another number or target to be met. Now, not only can we try to make them happy in their new home, but we can do all we can to keep them safe and well too. It's a responsibility we take seriously.