Belvoir Aldershot Partnership With Gazeal for Property Sales

Belvoir Aldershot have recently partnered with Gazeal, which makes us able to offer buyers and sellers more security throughout the conveyancing process. We are pleased to now be able to offer clients the Gazeal Express service.

Who are Gazeal?

Gazeal have received coverage in the Times and Daily Mail.  Gazeal were recently crowned Property Technology Company of the Year in the UK, by Property Wire magazine.

So what does Gazeal do and how does it help me as a seller?

Gazeal Express is a system that helps Buyers and Sellers get to Exchange as quickly as possible once they have agreed a deal. 

The government in the last budget estimated that Buyers and Sellers spend £270 million in wasted costs each year on failed transactions, where one party changed their mind before the sale got to exchange.

Belvoir Aldershot statistically are better than traditional agents at vetting buyers and turning offers into completions, because of the personal service we offer that you don’t often find with other agents. Our team take a personal interest in every property we offer for sale, which means we are in the heart of it and finding answers to anything that comes up during the process. We’re just as invested in your sale as you are, you’re not just another ‘property’ to us.

 We are always striving to improve our customer service and make buyers and sellers lives easier! We want to take away the stress wherever we can.

Property transactions most often fail after 30 days has expired during the conveyancing process.  The faster the process, the lower the chance of this happening to you.

So why should I use Belvoir Aldershot and Gazeal Express for my property sale?

SPEED – Gazeal Express prepare a full Contract Pack and searches when you choose to use the service and your details are entered into the system. The Contract Pack is instantly available to both the Buyer and your conveyancers, as soon as you have accepted an offer. This saves you weeks if not months.  Offers that move quicker are less likely to fall through and not get to exchange and completion, costing both sides money.

Transparency – You will be given a log in to a real-time dashboardwhich will let you track your transaction from the initial listing, alongside the regular contact with Belvoir Aldershot, through the course of the offer right to completion.

Certainty – You will also be given the option to use ‘Gazeal Seal’, which allows you to bind a Buyer at the outset, if both the Buyer and seller are chain free. This eliminates the risk of the Buyer gazundering and walking way at a later stage in the transaction without warning, which is every sellers worst nightmare.

Does the Buyer have to use the Gazeal Express?

No, if your Buyer does not want to use Gazeal Express the system will simply send the contract pack to your chosen conveyancer who can immediately send it across to the Buyer’s conveyancer.  This will still save you 4 to 6 weeks.

The system is of course at its most efficient where the Buyer also agrees to use Gazeal Express.  Most genuine Buyers are happy to do so, as they are equally concerned about losing their dream home or investment, if a Seller changes their mind, costing both parties time and money they can’t necessarily afford to lose!


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