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Peace of Mind for Landlords & Tenants

Belvoir Newcastle-under-Lyme are members of the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS).

The National Approved Letting Scheme is an accreditation scheme for lettings and management agents offering peace of mind to landlords and tenants in knowing that they are dealing with a firm which agrees to meet defined standards of customer service, together with having in place the necessary insurances to protect clients' money plus a customer complaints procedure offering independent redress.

> Client Money Protection
> Protected Deposits by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS)

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Information for Landlords

WHAT ARE THE LEVELS OF SERVICE that landlords can expect from NALS member firms?

The NALS Service Standards which all member firms agree to meet are as follows:

Note: If the agent is not employed to manage your property, only the sections of the service standards which are relevant to finding a tenant and letting the property will apply.

Before the letting the agent will:

Visit the property and give you advice on any action you need to take before you let the property. This includes any repairs and refurbishments that are needed to put it into a fit state for letting.
Give you advice on the level of rent you can expect.
Arrange for safety checks on gas and electrical appliances to be carried out, if you ask..
Explain your rights and responsibilities and the tenant's rights and responsibilities
Give you advice on what action to take if the property is mortgaged.
Give you advice on insuring the building and contents and other insurance schemes which may be available to protect their interests and which are not normally covered in standard household policies where a tenant is in residence.
Go with possible new tenants to view unoccupied property.
Choose a tenant in a way agreed with you, taking up references or checking the tenant's past rent payment record.
Arrange for the preparation of a schedule of the condition of the property and its contents for you, together with acceptance by the tenant of a property so described.
Provide and fill in a tenancy agreement and either take a deposit to protect against possible damage or agree with you another sort of guarantee.
Transfer the bills for the services for which the tenant will be responsible into the tenant's name.
During the tenancy the agent will:

Collect the rent and pass it on to you every month or as otherwise agreed. The agent will keep a separate clients' account to hold all money and (except for Registered Social Landlords) belong to a Clients' Money Protection Scheme.
Give you a statement of account as often as agreed with you, usually monthly.
Visit the property periodically during the course of the tenancy as often as agreed with you (for example, every three months) to check that it is being suitable looked after.
Arrange to have routine maintenance work carried out, up to a limit agreed with you. The agent will refer expenditure above that limit to you for approval.
Respond promptly to the tenant's enquiries.
Keep an eye on the rent payment record and take reasonable steps to prompt payment of any money owed.

Before the tenancy ends the agent will:

Give you advice on your options including reviewing the rent.
If you want to end the tenancy, the agent will:

Serve the correct notices on the tenant.
Check the condition of the property and any contents and discuss any repairs with you before giving the deposit back or arranging for repairs.
Collect the key and make sure that the property is secure.
To locate a NALS firm in your area please look in the Find an Agent section on the site.
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The first step in safeguarding your future tenancy is to find a property to rent through a respectable letting agent. A good way to ensure that you do this is to look for the sign of membership of The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS). NALS gives landlords, tenants and agents a set of service standards in the rental market.

Information for Tenants

WHAT ARE THE LEVELS OF SERVICE that tenants can expect from NALS member firms?

Before your tenancy starts, the agent will:

Have already been working to ensure that certain service standards are met. Most importantly, you can be sure that the property will have undergone all required safety checks on furnishings and gas and electrical services. Your rights and responsibilities will be clearly explained and you will have an informed and professional response to any queries you may have before or during your tenancy.

A lettings agent who is a member of NALS displays this symbol and provides the following safeguards for your tenancy.
Before you rent the property, the agent will:

Have provided advice to the landlord concerning any repairs or refurbishments which are necessary to put the property into a fit state for letting.
Ensure that you are provided with copies of safety certificates on gas and electrical appliances before you become committed to the tenancy.
Have advised the landlord of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
Advise you on the necessity of ensuring that you have insurance cover for your personal possessions . You may well also be advised to have in place accidental damage cover for any of the landlord's property.
Go with you to view unoccupied property where appropriate.
Provide details ("a schedule" of the condition of the property plus a list of its contents and agree it with you.
Require a deposit from you. He/she will explain the basis on which it is being held and the purpose for which it is required.
Confirm that your deposit will be held in a separate Client's Account.
Provide you with details of utility providers and the Local Authority in the area in order that you can arrange for accounts to be set up in your name.
During the tenancy, the agent will:

Arrange with you in advance a time for access to the property in order to inspect the condition of the property in accordance with the tenancy agreement.
Respond to your requests for maintenance or repairs which might in some cases have to be referred to the landlord for approval.
Respond promptly to your queries.
Before the tenancy ends, the agent will:

Serve you with the correct period of notice as set out in the tenancy agreement.
Arrange to check the condition of the property and draw up a schedule to part of any deductions to be made from your initial deposit.
Return your deposit to you as soon as possible, less any appropriate deductions.
Note: If the agent is not employed to manage the property you will have been provided with contact details of the landlord.

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