9. Water leaks in blocks of flats


If you live in an apartment in a block during your tenancy it is possible that you may experience a water leak from the flat above (unless you are on the top floor!)


In the event of water leek coming through your ceiling make sure you:


Go upstairs and knock at the flat where the leak is coming from.


If the occupant is home advise them of the leak and ask them to turn off any over-flowing water, appliance running such as a shower, washing machine etc. As soon as the water has stopped and you have identified what is causing the leak, ask them to call a plumber (or their Landlord if their apartment is rented) to attend to the leak as soon as possible. Report the leak to your Landlord giving details of what has happened and the door number of the apartment above.


If nobody upstairs is home identify the door number of the apartment where the leak is coming from and call your Landlord immediately.


If you are on the top floor advise your Landlord of the leak straight away and they will contact the Management Company / local authority who will attend to the roof.


When the leak has stopped there may be water damage on your ceiling. Your Landlord will arrange for suitable repairs to this area. Please be patient, the Landlord may need to start an insurance claim for the damage. In this case it could take some time to gain quotations then authorisation and payment from the insurance company.


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