7. Kitchen appliance stops working


Helpful tip:

If one of your kitchen appliances stops working the plug may need a new fuse. Please see “changing a plug fuse” section for instructions.


Electric oven:


If you have an electric oven and have just moved into a new property, the timer may need re-setting. Some people use a timer setting on their electric oven, so to use the oven in a conventional manner you must re-set the timer to “manual”. Please consult your instruction manual for the appliance, if you have one, which will explain how to do this. If you do not have a manual look at the front control panel of your oven and you will probably see the button which represents “manual” which may be in the shape of a hand. If you cannot find a button which re-sets the timer, you may be able to find an instruction manual online using the make and model number of your oven.


Washing machine:


If your washing machine is not working properly the filter may need cleaning out. The filter gets clogged with fluff, buttons etc. Find the filter button, unscrew and remove any debris. The filter is usually located at the bottom of the washing machine at the front sometimes this is under the removable plastic kick-plate (see below). Put a bowl under the cover before you unscrew, as there may be a little excess water in the filter compartment.


If your washing machine does not smell very nice and is making clothes smell damp or musty after a wash cleaning the filter will help. Also run the machine on a boil wash without any clothes with detergent and a Calgon tablet to wash the inside of the machine through.




If your dishwasher is not washing or emptying properly the filter needs cleaning out as it will sometimes become clogged with bits of food etc. The filter is located at the base of the machine inside.


Remember to also keep your dishwasher topped up with salt and rinse-aid to ensure your dishes and glasses are cleaned properly and last longer.


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