5. If you have a power cut / Fuse box info

Fuse box image


If all your electric power goes off, one of the following may have happened:


There may be a power cut in your area – check the street lamps if it is dark or have a look at your neighbour’s houses and knock on a neighbour’s door if possible. If their power is off too that means power is off in your whole area, and it should come back on after a short while. You can contact Energy Networks Emergency Helpline on 0800 7838838 to get updates on how long power will be down in your area.




A fuse may have “tripped” as a result of a light bulb blowing or a plug fuse needing to be replaced. Please check your fuse box – there are two kinds of fuse box:


1. Modern fuse box: Check that all fuse switches are in the “on” position, if one of the switches is in the “off” position; flip to the “on” position. You should find your electrics come back on. You can then proceed to change your light bulb or plug fuse etc. Ensuring the light or appliance is switched off at the socket and fuse box before doing so.


2. Fuse wire box: The plastic fuses are removable and contain fuse wire, which allows electricity to flow through the fuse when placed in its correct position within the fuse box. Fuse wire needs replacing when the fuse “blows” which means the fuse wire has burnt through and expired, You must purchase fuse wire (see picture below). Turn the switch on the fuse box to “off”. Identify which fuse needs the wire replacing and remove the old fuse wire from the screws at each end. Wrap new fuse wire around one screw, thread it through the middle and attach to the screw at the other end. Snip any excess wire off with scissors. Replace the fuse in the fuse box and switch the main fuse box switch back to “on”.


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