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Advice To Current Tenants

There is no out of hours emergency repair service unless you have been specifically advised of a policy in place for your property. An emergency is something that would immediately endanger life or property if not treated promptly. If an emergency occurs out of normal office hours, during holiday periods or otherwise, it should be handled in accordance with the tenancy documentation provided at the start of the tenancy. Routine repairs should be reported to us for attention during normal office hours. Please see below for more information about emergencies and boiler problems.


Please note that you must not authorise repairs to the property or incur any unauthorised expenses without the express permission of the agent, unless an emergency handled by you in accordance with the tenancy agreement. The cost of any work authorised by you or someone acting on your behalf conducted without our agreement or in accordance with the tenancy agreement may not be reimbursed.


EMERGENCY REQUESTS. Definition of an Emergency that may require immediate attention: Where lives or health are at risk or there is serious risk to the property. Permanent repairs may be carried out at a later date - the priority is to ensure safety.

The following problems are examples of the type of situation that would be considered as emergencies:
- total loss of electric power;
- unsafe, broken or missing electrical fitting (not simply defective) comprising a dangerous fault that is immediately life threatening;
- total loss of gas supply;
- gas leak on the property side of the meter;
- blocked, damaged or defective flue to an open fire or gas appliance;
- total loss of space heating or water heating (between 1 November and 31 March only) for those with special needs such as disabled, young baby etc;
- blocked toilet pan if only one in house, soil stack or blocked foul drain;
- leak from a water supply pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern;
- boarding up a broken window or door;
- loss of heating or hot water in housing for the elderly.

Examples of who to call if you cannot wait and a temporary solution is not possible:
1. 999 for Police, ambulance or fire service.
2. Numbers and guidance provided where applicable.
3. Utility companies emergency/helpline numbers.
4. Customer Care Emergency Helpline policy number for new/insured properties.
5. 24 Hour tradesmen from 118500 or local contractors.
6. Belvoir Office – not manned 24 hours

To avoid misunderstanding, Belvoir does not provide a concierge out-of-hours service including for emergencies but will, where possible, return your call soonest to offer guidance and assistance. No guarantee can be given as to availability or response times of local contractors. Sometimes delays are unavoidable due to availability of assistance, time of year, peak periods etc and are no different from those experiencd by owner-occupiers.

Local tradesman we use for routine and emergency repairs include:

K A Goulden Electrical Ltd - 01775 719900 / 01406 370117

G P Services - 07828 423 514

Broomfields - 07976 980 341

Locksmith - 07831 210 455

Blocked drains call Anglian Water

This list is not exhaustive and you may try other contractors for emergencies if any of these are unavailable.

Boiler problems often occur because the pressure has dropped to below 1Bar on the gauge or because condensate pipes have frozen. The following may help avoid repair delays:

Guidance on how to re-pressurize a boiler can be found at the following web site:
and a video at:

This gives guidance about thawing frozen condensate: http://www.homeheatingguide.co.uk/thawing-frozen-condensate-pipe.html
and a video at:
Cut and paste links in to your browser to go to the relevant sites.

Please note that we accept no responsibility for any problems that may occur doing self-help repairs.

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